Stories of Shelter

Meet the families you are helping


Ghulam's Story

Ghulam and her family lost everything in the devastating Pakistan floods in 2022. Learn about their story and recovery after the disaster.

Discovering a safe space after the Turkey earthquakes

Aleu's Story Revisited

We re-visited Aleu to see how the family have been getting on since receiving support from ShelterBox, partnered with Rotary, after the Turkey earthquakes.


Natalia's Story

Discover how Natalia and her daughter fled to Moldova from the Ukraine conflict, and the support they received from ShelterBox.


Samira's Story

Samira and her six children had to flee their home after drought conditions led to conflict. Read their story and how ShelterBox has helped.

The journey to Chad to escape conflict in Sudan

Asiza's Story

Violence caused Asiza and her family to flee their home in Sudan. They arrived in Chad and received ShelterBox aid in Zabout camp.

Bela's Journey to Recovery

Bela’s home was irreparably damaged during the earthquake in Morocco. Read his journey.

Samira's Survival

Samira was home alone when the earthquake struck and her home crumbled. Read her journey.

Khadija's Story

Khadija’s family is changed since the earthquake struck. Read about her family here.

Three Stories from the Türkiye Earthquakes

Read more about Aleu, Celal, and Huseyin and their stories following the earthquakes.

Fleeing the Ukraine Conflict

Oxana's Story

Oxana was forced to flee Ukraine due to conflict, but ShelterBox is responding.

Stories from the Ukraine War

Olga and Dina's Story

Olga and Dina are some of the people we’ve supported in Ukraine. Read their story here.

Rebuilding after Typhoon Rai

Ginalyn’s story

Ginalyn’s home was destroyed after Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines. Read her story of recovery here.

Rebuilding during the Ukraine War

Ruslan and Marina's story

ShelterBox helped Ruslan rebuild after an airstrike

The Importance of Family

Vladyslav and Vlada's Story

When the bombing started in Ukraine, this young couple fled to Moldova with their families to restart their lives.

Rebuilding in Türkiye

Aleu's Story

After the earthquakes in Türkiye destroyed their home, Aleu and her family were afraid to sleep indoors. But receiving a tent gave them somewhere safe to sleep.

Bizli's Journey in Bangladesh

At first Bizli didn’t know what to do, the fear was paralysing. But as the water continued to rush in, she knew she couldn’t ignore it.

Losing Everything to Hurricane Maria

Thanks to our supporters, Blandina received ShelterBox aid and was able to rebuild her home and her garden in Dominica.

Caryl's Story

Your support helped families recover from back-to-back hurricanes.

Fleeing Violence in Burkina Faso

Nongoma's Story

See how your support helped Nongoma recover after fleeing her village in Burkina Faso.

The impact of a flood on clean water

Kalpana's Story

Flooding affects homes, livelihoods, and even infrastructure like water pipes and wells. Read Kalpana’s story to see how floods affect clean drinking water.

Recovering after Cyclone Harold

Patrick's Story

“It will take a long time for us to replant, how can we replant, all the kava is no good, we are starting again from zero.”

Rebuilding lives after Typhoon Vongfong

Alejandro's Story

Read how Alejandro‘s life was turned upside down after the typhoon ripped his house apart, and how the family used their ShelterBox aid to return home.

Rebuilding After the Flood

Phuleswari's Story

When heavy flooding washed away her home, ShelterBox aid helped Phuleswari rebuild.

Surviving Conflict and Crisis in Tigray

Shewit's Story

When violence broke in her village in Tigray, Ethiopia, Shewit ran with her four children. Read her story of survival.