Samira's Survival

“I was inside my house, when the earthquake happened, I was alone. The house started to fall, and I was still inside. I went to the kitchen and there was just a small opening, I was trying to open the door, but it was stuck. I yelled at some boys outside and they came to help.”

After that I stayed in the hospital for four days, and after that I stayed with my daughter for a week, before coming back here.

When a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck a remote region of Morocco in the Atlas Mountains, causing widespread devastation, Samira was at home, alone.

Samira spoke of the affect that night has had on her: “I was thinking about death, I was crying, and I was thinking about my children. I really think about this night, and what happened.”

Since the earthquake, people’s situations have changed dramatically. She went on to say: “Everyone is just outside; we do not have any houses to keep warm in. It is very cold, especially at night. After the earthquake everything has changed, before everyone had homes to keep warm in, now we do not have that.”

Like many in this region, Samira was thinking forward to the winter, and her worries for the change in season. “The winter here is very cold, If I have something to do outside, then I will go. Like going to the shops, and then I will come home and stay inside and keep warm.”

Samira received a ShelterBox tent, kitchen set, solar lights, and warm blankets. She expressed how much these items will help. “The ShelterBox tent will help a lot. For our kitchen, the sets will be very helpful.”

“We thank ShelterBox a lot for helping.”

With the help of our partners, Rotary, and our global supporters, ShelterBox was able to support over 4,400 people in Morocco with emergency shelter. We focused our response on remote villages spread far out across the Atlas Mountains, communities that have been left with very little. Many people had been sleeping out in the open since losing their homes, or through fear of buildings collapsing from continuing aftershocks.

Thank you for making this possible and for helping ensure no one is left without shelter after disaster.

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