Bela's Journey to Recovery

Life Before the Quake

Bela lived a normal life with his wife and four children, until an earthquake struck his village, causing widespread damage across communities residing in the Atlas Mountains.

“I had a normal life, with a good home. I have a wife with four children, two girls and two boys. I have lived here for 55 years. I worked, if people want to build a house, then I help them to do that.”

Bela described a typical day, before the earthquake: “I would wake up in the morning, have breakfast and then go to work. Then I would come back and have a normal life with my wife and daughters.”

The Frightful Night

“I was with my family in the kitchen (downstairs), eating dinner. Then I went upstairs to sleep, my family stayed in the kitchen. The earthquake began, and I was trying to get out of the house.” Bela motioned with his hands that the walls and floor were shaking. “When I did, I saw my family outside already.”

Bela explained the situation in his village immediately following the disaster. “For three days after the earthquake, people were so upset. Then organizations started coming and people started to feel happy, people came from the cities wanting to help and that changed how we felt.”

Onward to Recovery

Seeing his home so irreparably damaged, Bela shared his concerns for the future. “I wake up every day wondering what happens next once the organizations have gone. What am I going to do next?”

Bela expressed his worries about the upcoming winter in the Atlas Mountains, where temperatures plummet, and conditions become difficult. “In the winter sometimes there is snow, and it is raining a lot. It is very cold, freezing because of the height. I care about my children and my wife; we need help to keep warm.”

At the time of talking to Bela, ShelterBox was starting distributions of aid items in the region, Bela received a tent for his family, thermal blankets, a kitchen set and solar lights. He exclaimed, “I feel very happy to see people like you, from ShelterBox coming to help, and help all the village. When we get the tents, we will all be happy.”

“Thank you very much, just asking about me and coming from another country to help, makes me feel very happy.”

This is your support in action. Thank you for helping provide customized emergency shelter and essential supplies to people like Bela around the world. Your support makes a life-changing impact on people affected by disaster, allowing them to begin the process of self-recovery.

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