Khadija's Story

Life Before the Quake

“We are just normal people, I am a housewife, and my husband is a farmer. I have lived here my whole life. I had a cow and a donkey, and I would look after them. I would look after my children and my husband, and he would look after the animals. Five of my children work and two of them would go to school.”

Khadija told us that on the night of the earthquake: “I was sleeping, and then I heard voices and could hear the earthquake. I went to leave the house, but the door was stuck. So, we tried to open the door, and eventually we did. We went straight to the river and stayed there for four days. After that, we came back here.”

Life After the Quake

We asked Khadija how her life had changed since the earthquake, and she told us about how it has changed her family: “One of my children has not been the same since the earthquake, he keeps fainting… my daughter took the animals away until life returns to normal.”

We asked Khadija what conditions are usually like here, and what she would normally do, day to day: “There is snow here in winter, the weather is very cold, and it rains. We use firewood to keep warm, and we make bread and food with it. If there is a lot of rain, then we cannot use the wood. The winter is harder here.”

With hard winter conditions in mind, we asked Khadija what items she was most looking forward to receiving, to which she replied: “All of them, everything. I just want a good tent for the winter. Our biggest fear here, you can ask anyone. It is the winter.”

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