Yinka Babalola on ShelterBox and Rotary’s partnership

by Ally Buck July 10, 2024

Learn about some of the crises around the world where ShelterBox is working, and the people they have impacted.


Voices of the forgotten crises

by Stephanie Christensen April 5, 2024

Learn about some of the crises around the world where ShelterBox is working, and the people they have impacted.


Looking Beyond the Box: Our flexible approach to shelter aid

by JoAnna Black March 21, 2024

Learn more about ShelterBox’s flexible approach to shelter aid to ensure we bring the aid that people need when they need it.


Stories of Courageous women for International Women’s Day

by JoAnna Black March 7, 2024

To mark International Women’s Day discover the stories of some of the courageous women ShelterBox has supported.


Our partnership with Rotary in Morocco

by Stephanie Christensen January 15, 2024

Learn more about how ShelterBox responded to the devastating earthquake in Morocco, and the important part that Rotary played.


How we decide when to respond

by JoAnna Black October 18, 2023


The Importance of Pre-Positioned Aid

by JoAnna Black September 7, 2023

When disaster strikes, every second counts. That’s why our pre-positioned aid makes such a huge impact, because we can get there even faster by being prepared.


5 reasons why disasters are not ‘natural’

by Stephanie Christensen June 14, 2023

The term ‘natural disasters’ is commonly used – but disasters are not natural. Here are five reasons why.


Giving Tuesday: A Day for Giving Back

by Heather Stevens November 23, 2022

Learn more about the history of Giving Tuesday, how it makes a greater impact around the world, and what your support will mean for families affected by disaster.


World Humanitarian Day 2022

by Heather Stevens August 18, 2022

Discover everything you need to know about World Humanitarian Day and meet four real-life humanitarians.


Crisis in the Horn of Africa: Why we must act now

by Stephanie Christensen August 8, 2022

The Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought in over 40 years. Learn more about this crisis and how shelter can make an impact.


Evolution of our solar light

by JoAnna Black August 1, 2022

Read how we listened to communities to adapt our solar lights.


The plastic problem: our commitment to do better

by Heather Stevens July 14, 2022

Read how ShelterBox is committed to reducing unnecessary single-use plastic from our aid packaging.


We Put Families First, Be We Do Not Seek To Hold One Definition of What a Family Is

by JoAnna Black June 6, 2022

As Pride month begins and we celebrate and honour those before us who tirelessly fought for the rights and freedoms of the 2SLGBTQI+ community, it is important to recognize the many struggles still faced by many in the community around the world.


Preparing for a very busy Hurricane season

by JoAnna Black May 24, 2022

The 2022 Atlantic Basin hurricane season is more active than usual, with more powerful named storms than average since the start of the season. Read how we’re preparing.

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How ShelterBox helped 100,000 people after Typhoon Rai

by JoAnna Black April 14, 2022

See how we worked with partners to reach 20,000 families after Typhoon Rai.


5 Things you should know about the latest IPCC report

by Heather Stevens March 7, 2022

The latest IPCC Report on climate change is out. Read 5 of the main findings of this report and why our work is important in the fight against climate change.


What are climate-related disasters?

by JoAnna Black February 22, 2022

Our changing climate is making large weather events like droughts and hurricanes worse. Learn more about climate-related disasters.


Four easy ways to beat the winter blues

by Heather Stevens January 20, 2022

As the temperatures drop and the days remain short, it’s not uncommon for many of us to be feeling a little blue. Here are four easy ways to beat the winter blues and start looking forward to Spring.


ShelterBox is Responding to Typhoon Rai

by Stephanie Christensen December 23, 2021

On December 16 and 17th, Super Typhoon Rai decimated parts of the Philippines. Learn more about how ShelterBox is responding.