Per in the AIR

Flying 5000 miles for ShelterBox

Taking ShelterBox to New Heights

In March 2020, Rotarian Per Dahlstrom from the Rotary Club of Duncan BC and his fafter David set off on a two-week, 5000-mile round trip from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia, and back, in their Flight Design’s Ultralight aircraft. While completing their trek, curious supporters could even track the flight live via Spot satellite services online! 

The aircraft that the Dahlstrom team flew in measures just over 21 feet in length and stands at only 7 feet 8 inches tall. It is so light that when they stop for the night, they need to ensure to tie down the plane to ensure it does not blow away. 

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Per, a realtor in Cowichan Valley, is a ShelterBox Canada Ambassador, Response team member, and a Buy a Home, Give a Home ShelterBox realtor. When asked why now was the time to set off and support ShelterBox, Per said:

“since this seems like a strange time for a charity event: I love these two charities and I feel that their missions are as important today during the coronavirus pandemic as ever. It is incredibly important that during the current crisis, we do not forget that disasters and refugee crises still take place every single day- especially when the virus is occupying the headlines.”

“You get very few chances in life to do something amazing and it’s a good opportunity to raise some awareness for a couple of stellar charities!”

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