Volunteer Awards

Volunteers are very special people to ShelterBox Canada. They engage and activate across every level – fundraising, awareness and action. They share their passion for ShelterBox within communities across Canada and help to ensure that no family is without shelter. Every year we recognize our volunteers amazing achievements with our volunteer awards.

Award Categories

Rising Star Award – for outstanding achievement in the first year of volunteering with ShelterBox Canada

All Star Award – for a longstanding volunteer who has continued to share their passion and dedication with ShelterBox Canada

Top Fundraiser Award – for the volunteer who fundraises the money throughout the year

Volunteer of the Year – for a volunteer who goes above and beyond expectations

2020 Volunteer Awards

Award recipients:

Rising Star Award – Amanda Lourenco

All Star Award – Geoff Lloyd

Top Fundraiser Award – Kent Fraser

Volunteer of the Year – Sophia Shaikh

2019 Volunteer Awards

Award recipients:

Rising Star Award – Laura Melnick

All Star Award – Eugene Lewis

Top Fundraiser Award – Bernie Kreiner

Volunteer of the Year – Stephen Beaufoy

2018 Volunteer Awards

Award recipients:

Rising Star Award – Derek Nicholson

All Star Award – Ron & Claire Noseworthy

Top Fundraiser Award – Wynne Bjorgan

Shining Star Award – Kendra Saville

2017 Volunteer Awards

Award recipients:

Rising Star Award – Kendra Saville

All Star Award – Ann Grahame

Top Fundraiser Award – Christopher Loat

Shining Star Award – Wynne Bjorgan

2016 Volunteer Awards

Award recipients:

Rising Star Award – Nicole Konkin

All Star Award – Christopher Loat

Top Fundraiser Award – Marjolein Lloyd

Shining Star Award – Eugene Lewis

2015 Volunteer Awards

Award recipients:

Rising Star Award – Bernie Kreiner

All Star Award – Graham Mann

Top Fundraiser Award – Andre Bloemink


Fundraising Awards

Awarded to volunteers for lifetime fundraising for ShelterBox Canada

Bronze – $25,000

Marjolein Lloyd

Dale Perret

Wynne Bjorgan

Rick Offord

Bob Harrison

Mike French

Maggie Julian

Mike Walsh

Ann Grahame

Dan Huisman

Sue Landry

John Bailey

Eugene Lewis

Bernie Kreiner

Jeff Celentano

Per Dahlstrom

Stephen Beaufoy

Dave Hallett


Silver – $50,000

Andre Bloemink


Gold – $75,000

Geoff Lloyd

Graham and Gerda Mann

Christopher Loat


Hall of Fame – $100,000

Ron and Claire Noseworthy

Kent and Leanne Fraser


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