Become a ShelterBox Rotary Club Champion

A Rotarian who wants to share ShelterBox’s message with their club

We are proud to be project partners with Rotary International. By working together with Rotary we are able to collaborate and combine resources to ensure that we can support more communities in desperate need of shelter.

As a Rotary Club Champion you share our passion for ensuring no family is without shelter and share that message within your own Rotary Club. This position is made specifically for Rotarians. Club Champions aim to deliver increased awareness about ShelterBox within their Club and act as the main point-of-contact between the Club and ShelterBox Canada.

Put the partnership into action by becoming a ShelterBox Champion for your Rotary Club.

I have had the privilege of working and living in many parts of the world where natural disasters occur routinely and I have seen the need for help and support required from others. And being a Rotarian, volunteering with ShelterBox provides me with a great opportunity to provide some of that help and support that is required.

Stephen Beaufoy, Rotary Club Champion


As a Rotary Club Champion you will:

Set up an annual Club Presentation for ShelterBox (volunteers can receive training to present on ShelterBox or you can request a ShelterBox Ambassador to speak)

Share ShelterBox Canada’s monthly announcement with your Rotary Club

Staying informed about ShelterBox by following our social media channels and signing up for our newsletter

Encourage your club to give annually and become a ShelterBox Canada Hero

Activate in times of disaster – when major disasters strike, families need our help more than ever. During this time we need the support of our volunteers to share important updates about our current response. We need your support to share these urgent updates with your network and help us to raise funds and awareness while the disaster is in the media spotlight

Next Steps

The process to become a Rotary Club Champion starts with completing an application form. Upon receiving your application, you will be contacted by our Volunteer Program Coordinator.

Please note that you must be a member of a Rotaract or Rotary Club to apply for this role.

Our staff team is here to help you be successful. We will provide you the resources you need and connect you with successful team members to help you along the way.


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