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Connect with your community and join others around the world in creating Christmas decorations, inspired by international communities.

In the Philippines, families will be busy making parols, a traditional decoration that symbolizes the victory of light over darkness.

Feel like being crafty this holiday season? Join families and make your own parols at home!

If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could even donate the money you save on ornaments to help families around the world recover after disaster or conflict.

A traditional parol, a star-shaped Christmas lantern from the Philippines

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Holiday Parol Template


The Philippines has recently been hit by several typhoons, with more severe weather on the way. Your support this holiday will mean more than ever.

How your support helps

Teresita, in front of her damaged home in the Philippines.

The Philippines is situated on the notorious Pacific Ring of Fire, one of the most disaster-affected areas in the world. Storms are building up in the Pacific right now, and will force many thousands of families from their home over the coming weeks. Your fundraising will provide a home and hope to families around the world. Families like Teresita’s.

Teresita’s world was turned upside down when her home was destroyed by tremors from the eruption of the Taal volcano in the Philippines. Teresita had no time to collect her things.

‘I couldn’t think of any other things to bring because I was scared and just wanted to leave immediately. What worried me most was the safety of my family, especially my granddaughter.’

To make things worse, as the coronavirus pandemic took hold, Teresita’s temporary, cramped accommodation became increasingly unsafe as social distancing was impossible. Thanks to the kindness of supporters like you, we were able to support Teresita to move back to her home.

We provided Teresita’s family with a shelter kit, tools, two solar lights and mosquito nets. Most of Teresita’s house had been devastated but these aid items, combined with Teresita and her family’s skilful work, means she will be back in her own home in time for Christmas.

‘Christmas is a very special occasion here,’ she told us. ‘We will have a little food and cake after church. The children are already excited about singing Christmas carols.’

Other Ways to Help

Coronavirus: A Crisis Within a Crisis

Coronavirus is making life more dangerous than ever for families who lose their homes during disasters. Please donate to save lives today.

Get Involved

Whether you choose to fundraise, volunteer, or join a challenge, you’ll be helping families caught up in disaster all around the world.