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A Poem About Home

By Ukrainian Poet Serhiy Zhadan

What would you take?

Every day, behind the headlines, people caught up in the war in Ukraine face impossible choices. Stay or go. Fight or flee. Take or leave.

Two Ukrainian artists – poet Serhiy Zhadan and actor Ivantiy Novak – give voice to these experiences, the homes people have left and the memories they carry.

For those who have stayed, they now face the looming winter. As temperatures begin to freeze and snow begins to fall, how will they keep warm? How will they continue to find comfort in the home they once loved?

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Facing the Ukrainian Winter

People in Ukraine have already faced so much, but now they desperately need protection from the bitter cold this winter.

Dina and Olga have been living in their damaged homes after missles cut through their apartment block. Thanks to supporters like you, they have been able to stay in the home they love. But now, as winter draws near, they need your support once again.

Windows and walls have been destroyed, there is no source of heat or power, no protection from the elements. But people are determined to stay in their homes. Will you help them?

By donating today, you can provide items like blankets and sleeping mats, even stoves and winter coats, to help people survive the cold.

Will you help today? Your generous donation will help where the need is greatest – ensuring the most vulnerable get the aid they urgently need.

Crisis in Ukraine

Following the invasion of Ukraine, ShelterBox has been working to support families affected by this crisis.

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