Recovering after Typhoon Vongfong in the Philippines

Nora's Journey

Surviving the storm

Nora and her family of seven have lived in the Eastern Samar region of the Philippines for almost 20 years. They love living there because it feels like home and it’s safe.

But when Typhoon Vongfong hit in May 2020, Nora and her family were forced to run for their lives.

It took them several attempts to find a safe place to shelter due to the severity of the storm. They were forced to run from location to location looking for a safe place to wait out the storm, running through high winds and narrowly avoiding flying debris.

I had never been more terrified in my entire life. I have experienced a lot of typhoons every year, but never like typhoon Vongfong.

Receiving ShelterBox Aid

Thanks to our global supporters, Nora and her family received ShelterBox aid.

They received a shelter kit which included tarps, rope, nails, solar lights, mosquito nets, and other essential items.

Thanks to the assistance we have received that somehow helped secure my family first. We’ve been able to start a small business again.

But the typhoon has made it impossible for Nora’s family to find coconuts, which was their main source of income. Nora has instead started to sell food, and she and her husband are selling barbeques with the help of their solar lights.

Starting to rebuild

As well as building their new business, Nora and Ronico have been busy repairing their family home.

The couple also plans to better prepare their home in case of another typhoon.

We will reinforce the house and will not build it like our house before that was made of light materials.

This is your support in action! Thank you for helping families like Nora’s by providing not only shelter, but the ability to rebuild and restart their lives.

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