Leaving Everything Behind

Khadija and her husband Jabar, along with their four children, were forced to flee their village in Eastern Nigeria after armed men threatened everyone who lived there.

Like most families from their village, they left in a hurry, in the middle of the night, taking nothing but their children with them in search for a safer place.

We were too afraid that, if we stayed, we would be shot dead or beaten. We knew we had to run for our lives, especially to protect our children.”

Staying at a camp

They trekked all the way until arriving at a camp for internally displaced people. It took two full days as one night passed on the road, and then it was night time again when they arrived.

When they first arrived at the camp, the family was living in the school building where most newly arrived people stay.

We were sharing the space with many other families, it was very crowded and did not always feel safe.” 

Starting to Rebuild

Thanks to the emergency ShelterKit provided by ShelterBox, containing tarpaulin, timber, rope, and nails, the couple were able to build their own shelter where they now live with their children.

With the support of ShelterBox, the family also received essential aid items including a kitchen set, water carriers, solar lights, and mosquito nets.

Now we have our own space as a family, and we have some privacy, unlike before. Most issues we faced when we first arrived have been solved or alleviated”

This is your support in action. Your donation goes a long way to helping families like Khadija’s rebuild after conflict, allowing them to recover after losing everything and restart their lives.