Our aid contains the essentials people need to begin rebuilding their lives in the aftermath of a disaster.

We test and evaluate all of the aid we provide by talking to, and learning from, the families who use it. This fuels us to be innovative and to continue evolving.


When families can’t start rebuilding their homes immediately, we supply large, sturdy tents that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Like us, our range of aid is adaptable. We don’t just supply one type of tent, but a variety. From padded tents that can safely accommodate a stove, to medium-sized tents that fit in small spaces and ones that can last years if needed, we’ve got it covered.

Rebuilding Homes

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Building Materials

Our ShelterKits are built around a selection of hardwearing tools and materials that are customised to suit the needs of each community.

The tools and materials we send, provide the essentials families need to start rebuilding homes straight away, ranging from tough tarpaulin and timber to corrugated sheeting and even room dividers.

The versatile tools we provide can help with everything from clearing rubble to building shelters and even tending crops.

We also provide small toolkits inside our ShelterBoxes, which can be used to build furniture, cut firewood and make repairs.


Our solar lights can last up to 16 hours on just one charge. They are lightweight and can float in water, making them easy to carry in any situation.

Solar lights not only illuminate dark and dangerous paths, but they enable families to cook meals and children to finish their homework when it gets dark. They help create safe environments where people can pick up their daily routine.

Transforming Lives

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Blankets, groundsheets and mattresses not only provide vital warmth, but comfort too when families are recovering from disaster.

These simple items can be used in a variety of ways, from bedding to room dividers, and help turn a shelter into a home.


When disasters devastate the landscape and force families far from home, it can be hard to access safe, clean water.

By providing families with water containers and purification equipment, safe drinking water becomes one less thing to worry about.

Creating Bright Futures

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Family meals help to provide the framework of everyday life.

By providing cooking sets, containing a range of sturdy utensils, families can spend quality time together. They can eat meals that provide normality and nourishment.


When disasters destroy buildings and families flee conflict, children’s education often gets interrupted.

Our SchoolBoxes contain all the supplies a teacher needs to deliver lessons, wherever there is space to learn.

The clever wind-up radio allows teachers to tune in to educational programmes, while chalk and paint create a blackboard on any flat surface.

Individual activity packs mean that children have something of their own and the resources to express their feelings – at a time when their whole world has been turned upside down.