The Growing Refugee Crisis

Since 2010, the number of people around the world who were forced to flee their homes has doubled.

In the past decade the refugee crisis has continued to grow, and more families are in need of emergency shelter to survive and recover.

In 2019, 79.5 million people were forced from their homes due to violence and conflict. Among them were 26 million refugees. Half of whom are children. Globally, only 1 in 5 people in need of emergency shelter receives the support they need. ShelterBox is working hard to ensure that no family is without shelter after being forced to flee their homes -but we can’t do it without you.

We need your support. The world is currently experience a refugee crisis. Every minute, 20 people become refugees. But you can support families with shelter and aid they urgently need. After leaving everything behind to escape violence and conflict, you can give families the supports they need to move forward.

The refugee crisis is an ongoing problem that requires long-term solutions. By becoming a monthly donor today, you can ensure families continue to have the supports they need after fleeing for their lives.

Many of the world’s biggest conflicts go unreported in the media. Whether it’s due to lack of access, or lack of interest, the stories of millions of families go unreported and unsupported.

Each year the NRC produces a list of the 10 most neglected crisis around the world. With your support, ShelterBox is currently working alongside families in five of these crisis countries. ShelterBox is currently supporting families in Cameroon, Honduras Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Ethiopia.

In Cameroon, ShelterBox is the only supplier of tents to Minawao camp, a camp for refugees fleeing deadly violence. This camp is currently supporting twice the number of families it originally intended to support. In Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Ethiopia, ShelterBox is working closely with local leaders and organizations to ensure that the most vulnerable families get the support they need.

Will you help families recovering from the refugee crisis today?

Will You Support Refugees Today?


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What Is Conflict

ShelterBox is committed to supporting families in their recovery from conflict. But what is conflict?

What is a Refugee

A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, violence, or conflict.

What is a Displacement Camp

Displacement camps are places for refugees and internally displaced people. After fleeing violence and conflict, families often have no where to go.