Modestar's Story

How a ShelterKit helped her on the path to recovery

When Cyclone Idai tore through South-east Africa in March 2019, families in Malawi were devastated as the water level rose and washed away their homes.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, ShelterBox was able to provide ShelterKits and other essential aid items to families in Malawi, to help them on the path to recovery after the cyclone had taken so much.

A few days after the distribution had taken place, the ShelterBox Monitoring and Evaluation team visited some of the communities that had received ShelterKits and aid items. They asked questions about what families had received, how they received their items, and to what extent they found the items useful.

The team was introduced to Modestar, who had attended the distribution nine days before.

Modestar greeted the team by laying out two brightly coloured ground mats under some shade.

These ground mats were items Modestar had received a few days earlier.

She explained that she was living with her two children, and that they had used the ShelterKit to build a new home for her family. Her new aid items were laid out neatly in her home, and she had even created some hooks to hang up items from the kitchen set and her water filter.

[We are] very pleased to have this shelter and thank you.

In the wake of a disaster, families can use the contents of a ShelterKit to make immediate repairs to their damaged homes.

The items in a ShelterKit often include tarpaulin, rope, a variety of tools, and nails. These items allow a family to repair or rebuild their home. Each ShelterKit is customized based on the needs of the community, and can even include local building materials to boost the economy after a disaster.

We often add a number of other essentials like solar lights, blankets, and water containers to help families return to normal life as soon as possible.

This helps families like Modestar begin the process of self-recovery as quickly as possible. All thanks to the generosity of our global network of supporters!

A Variety of Aid Options

At ShelterBox, we take a flexible approach to how we provide aid. Every disaster and community is different, and our goal is to provide the best possible tools for each family.

Read more about the different options your support provides for families around the world.