Cyclones are fierce and relentless. But they happen every year - so we must be ready.

How we stay ahead of the storm

We carefully study the weather

We gather intelligence, we monitor the weather and make sure our aid is in place.

Then we’re ready to respond – sometimes a week before the devastation hits.




We place our ShelterBoxes in strategic locations

We ship the life-saving aid you donate to safe zones around the world, close to the area of potential disaster.

This way, we can act fast when families urgently need shelter and safety.

As soon as it’s possible to enter the country, we’re there.

We handpick from our team of expert volunteers

Over the past 17 years, we’ve built up a team of incredible volunteers.

Between them, they speak multiple languages and have responded to more than 200 disasters.

Every ShelterBox volunteer always has a bag packed and is ready to go within less than three days.

We make contact

As soon as we see a storm brewing, we make contact with our partners on the ground.

We establish the scale of potential destruction, the numbers likely to be affected and exactly what help they need from us – and you.

We go that extra mile

After a disaster, we use every means possible to reach families in the most desolate of areas.

Our teams travel by foot, boat, helicopter or even tuk-tuk to get there. Whatever it takes. All to deliver aid to the most vulnerable families.