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When disasters strike and power lines go down, families are left vulnerable, wretched away from comfort, light and electricity. Off the Grid challenges students to go without power for 12 hours to simulate what it is like after a disaster.

Off the Grid is a friendly competition between Canadian schools and clubs to raise funds to ensure no family goes without shelter. The top fundraising school will receive a visit from Survivorman, Les Stroud!

The money you raise by taking the Off the Grid challenge will make a real difference to families in crisis. Tents, ShelterKits, cooking equipment, solar lights, hammers, rope and water purification units are just some of the things you can help provide to families who need it most.

You are never powerless to help, will you take the challenge?


The challenge can be accepted by single students, classes, clubs or entire schools! Students get together and pick a 12 hour period, it could be over the weekend, throughout a school day or into the evening with an entire school or club.

The rules are simple. No electricity and nothing with an ‘on’ button. How far you take the challenge is up to you, the bigger the challenge the more people sponsor you, the more you will be helping people in crisis – who have no shelter, no home and no access to any power.

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