Go Off the Grid

ShelterBox Canada invites you to camp out in your backyard to help raise much-needed funds and awareness for the vital work of ShelterBox around the world.

What is off the grid?

We are inviting you to Get Off The Grid!

When disasters strike and power lines go down, families are left vulnerable, wrenched away from comfort, light and electricity.

Off the Grid challenges you to camp out and turn off all technology to understand what it is like after a disaster.

The rules are simple. No electricity and nothing with an ‘on’ button. How far you take the challenge is up to you, the bigger the challenge the more people sponsor you, the more you will be helping people in crisis – who have no shelter, no home and no access to any power.

The money you raise by taking the Off the Grid challenge will make a real difference in families recovery. Tents, ShelterKits, cooking equipment, solar lights, hammers, rope and water purification units are just some of the things you can help provide to families who need it most.

You are never powerless to help, will you take the challenge?

Give Light To Families and Get your own!

If you and your camp crew raise $500 you will receive a LuminAID inflatable solar light, perfect for any campsite!

Everything you need


Keep your kids busy with some educational activities that your family can do together along with some colouring pages where they can learn more about what ShelterBox is all about!

Full Youth Off The Grid Guidebook

Some Activities: Jet Set, Create a Camp or The Last Tent

Some colouring pages: Colour a ShelterBox, a Home or a Helicopter 




Need some Camp Barbeque inspiration? We’ve got you covered with some recipes inspired by our past deployments that are perfect for the grill!

Malaysian BBQ Chicken Wings

Mexican Corn

Peri Peri Chicken

Chicken Sekuwa


Swap out your classic scary campfire stories for some that are inspiring and tell the stories of some of the amazing people we have met on our deployments.

Meet Bizli from Bangladesh

Meet Popeye from Peru

Meet Marïamu from Nigeria


Join ShelterBox Canada to camp out in your backyard to help raise much-needed funds and awareness for the vital work of ShelterBox around the world.

Fatnizar's Story of Self-Recovery

Fatnizar, a seamstress from a village in Indonesia lost her home after a tsunami triggered by an earthquake. When the tsunami waves crashed onto their shores, Fatnizar lost her home as well as her business.

Along with 150 families, Fatnizar received ShelterBox aid and was provided with a family tent, mosquito nets, water filters and carriers. Now, with her ShelterBox tent, Fatnizar has the opportunity to get back to work. Under the awning of her tent, she can be seen smiling, sewing, and resuming her livelihood.

The tent not only provided a more private and secure space for her family, but it has allowed Fatnizar to return to normal and begin working again.

Read her full story

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