Monitoring Explained

How does ShelterBox follow storms and their destruction?

A Storm Forms

The monitoring phase happens from afar, at ShelterBox headquarters

• Staff watch storms as they form and gather as much information as they can

• As you know storms are unpredictable and can change direction, grow faster, or move quicker than expected so teams are always watching

• As storms approach land, teams begin to evaluate the potential in country impact of the storm

Destruction Begins

When a storm hits land, our operations team closely monitor the situation in the country.

• Staff begin to gather as much information about the disaster as possible through a wide variety of sources

• Staff talk to local governments, local partners or contacts in country to understand what they are initially seeing as the storm hits

• ShelterBox reaches out to Rotarians and Rotary clubs, as well as local humanitarian organizations and past partners to gather as much localized information about the storms early impacts as possible

Rapid Assessment

Following the storm we talk to a variety of humanitarian partners and Rotary International, local Rotarians, and local Rotary Clubs to help us gather information like;

• How many families have been affected, and does the government have resources to support them

• Is ShelterBox aid appropriate for the affected communities

• Has the government asked for help/allowed international aid into the country

After this process, if it looks like our aid may be needed and appropriate, ShelterBox sends trained teams into an affected country to make a more informed decision about the number of families who require our aid, and which items are most appropriate. During the global pandemic, this phase is heavily affect as travel is limited. Operations teams will primarily continue discussing the situation with local aid organization to see how we can support each other.

Help ShelterBox Prepare for Disaster

Your support allows ShelterBox to monitor storms, assess the needs of families in affected countries, and deliver aid to those most vulnerable after disaster. Thank you for your support and for ensuring ShelterBox is always prepared for disaster

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