Ikram's Story

Recovering After Flooding in Pakistan

Record-Breaking Floods

Ikram and her family are from the Sindh Region of Pakistan. Before the severe floods hit her village, Ikram was living in a home made of a mix of materials, including clay bricks and burned bricks.

She used to make blankets while her husband made money driving a chingchi which is similar to a rickshaw.

The family had experienced monsoon rains before, but Ikram said she had never seen anything like this. They experienced consistent rain for two months that seemed to get worse day by day. Not even her grandfather had seen this amount of rain before.

They received some news about the incoming flood, but when it reached them it was still unexpected. They all had to flee to high ground, and unfortunately lost two cows and three goats to the flood waters.

While monsoons are common, they don’t often cause damage to homes. They’re usually safe. But unfortunately, not this time.

A Pakistani mother and her children stand in front of the entrance to their tent.

Getting The Support They Needed

A Pakistani woman uses a ShelterBox water filter to filter water while her child watches.

Life on the roadside was difficult for the family, with no belongings and no support.

But thanks to our supporters around the globe, ShelterBox was able to provide a tent and other essential household items to Ikram’s family. With the help of her husband, she has built a makeshift extension on the side of her tent to give them more space and extra shade.

She is thankful for the support from ShelterBox and Islamic Relief Pakistan, and is particularly grateful for the solar light. They are helpful to see whether there are snakes around.

This is your support in action — thank you for helping provide the essential supplies that families need to rebuild after losing their homes to disatser or conflict. You are making a life-changing difference for people around the world!


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