Global Gifts

Gifts that spread love around the world.

Recovery starts with shelter. Global Gifts help empower families to start the process of recovery after disaster. Defy gift-giving conventions today and help families recover for tomorrow.

ShelterBox Global Gifts are a great way to give alternative gifts to family, friends, colleagues, or someone special all while making a difference.

It’s easy to honour that special person in your life by choosing a gift that will provide life-saving shelter and aid to a family affected by disaster or conflict.

These items symbolize shelter aid that ShelterBox Canada provides and will help where the need is greatest.

Give the Gift of Water

You can Give the Gift of Water with a water purification kit and 2 collapsible water carriers.

When families lose their homes, they often have limited access to fresh water. The water carriers allow families to collect water to have close by, while the water filter provides families with the safety and security of knowing the water they are drinking is safe from bacteria and debris.

Give the gift of safety with a water kit.

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Give the gift of light

Give the gift of light to families with solar-powered lights!

When disaster strike and power lines go down, light can provide a feeling of comfort and safety to families. ShelterBox solar powered lights can last over 16hours on a single charge! Families can use them inside their shelter or hang them along paths to help light the way home.

Provide comfort and safety today with the gift of light.

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The aid items from ShelterBox gave me the motivation to return home and begin repairs on my property… I paid close attention during the training to ensure that I could make the appropriate repairs to my home, and so that it lasts longer and remains stronger the next time the floods come.

– Cecilio from Paraguay