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Choose your Metod:
Will you choose to organize a tournament with some friends or stream a 24-hour marathon on Twitch, Youtube, or another streaming platform. Making a discord server is a great idea to communicate with your watchers.

Choose your Goal:
Choose a specific quantifiable goal. Choose a number of hours that you will game for and aim to raise a set amount of money per hour. Set a goal of $250 or about $10 per hour of a 24-hour marathon. A $250 goal is equivalent to 10 solar lights to help keep families safe in the dark.

Set up a fundraising page: 

Create your own fundraising page to share with your supporters. It’s yours to personalize with photos, messages and updates. This is also where all of your supporters can pledge towards your goal! You can also post motivating updates during your marathon on your fundraising page, showing your amazing dedication to families in need of shelter around the world. Don’t forget to email your circle to let them know about your new page! Check out a sample template here.

Choose team:

We are all stronger together. Get the friends that you regularly game with involved by adding them to your team. You can stream simultaneously or just game together.

Spread the word:

Leading up to your marathon, visit marathon or individual game discord serves and let them know about your event. Share your challenge on Social media and challenge 5 of your friends using our social media challenge template here: Graphic or Animated. Don’t forget to tag us @ShelterBoxCanada!

Nervous about getting started? Check out some of our fundraising tips here.


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