Bolivia Flooding

Thousands of families have been left homeless after heavy flooding destroyed homes and livelihoods

Deadly Storms

Thousands of people homeless. Fields underwater. Homes destroyed.

At least six people have died in Bolivia after heavy rain caused severe flooding and landslides at the start of February 2018.

A month’s worth of rain fell in the space of 24 hours, forcing families to flee their homes and seek shelter in community centres or with host communities.

Watch the video from Colin, a ShelterBox Response Team member, who is on the ground, looking at how we can best help the families affected.


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On the Ground

We’re currently meeting with trusted partners, including Habitat for Humanity and Rotary International.

Together we’ll determine how we can work to provide families with the tools they need to start the process of recovery.

When natural disasters like this rob people of their homes, we can’t wave a magic wand to replace what was lost.

But – with your support – we can help create something new.

You can help vulnerable families rebuild their homes and their lives with your donation today.