Conflict in Sudan

Escalating conflict in Sudan is forcing thousands to seek refuge in neighbouring Chad. People are in urgent need of shelter.

“At ShelterBox we are deeply concerned about the increasing violence in Sudan that is forcing tens of thousands of people across its border with Chad.

“People fleeing to safety are leaving their homes and communites… with only what they can carry so it’s crucial that both sides allow humanitarian organizations to get aid to people that need it.”

– Anna Dixie, Regional Director for West and Central Africa

What Is Happening?

More than 4 million people have been displaced since the start of the conflict

Tensions between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces erupted into violent clashes, risking civil war. The conflict and fighting continues today, and has forced many to flee their homes due to safety concerns.

The escalating violence in Sudan is forcing tens of thousands of people across its border with Chad. Over 418,000 have been forced to flee to Chad, while governments estimate that number to each 600,000 by the end of the year.

This is a crisis on top of a crisis. And there is little funding to support people who need it most. Prior to this conflict, the humanitarian need was already significant due to food shortages, heavy rains, and other challenging conditions.

How Is ShelterBox Helping

ShelterBox has partnered with INTERSOS Tchad, an organization in country, to provide thousands of people with emergency shelter, basic household items, and critical infrastructure support.

ShelterBox has been working in Zabout refugee camp, a newly established camp that will support 7,000 families. Earlier this year ShelterBox provided tents, tarpaulins and fixings, as well as solar lights, blankets, mosquito nets, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, water carriers and more to support newly located refugees. Currently, teams are working on providing an additional 2600 families with tarpaulins to build shelters.

The situation is critical, as more and more people continue to flee Sudan to neighbouring countries – including Chad. The shelter need is growing all the time.

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