Your Impact in Honduras

2020 proved to be one of the most active Atlantic hurricane seasons on record with 30 named storms, 14 of which developed into hurricane strength. At the end of October, Hurricane Eta strengthened to a category 4 and reached the coast of Central America causing significant damage to the northern coast of Honduras. Just 2 weeks later, Hurricane Iota also made landfall on the coast of Honduras. As well as the extreme damage caused by winds, flooding, and landslides, the twin disasters exacerbated the already dire COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Thanks to your ongoing support, 3,208 families in Honduras received ShelterBox aid.

Who Was Helped?

In-country partner Habitat for Humanity conducted surveys to find out who exactly you supported in Honduras.

3,208 families received shelter aid. In Honduras, the family size ranged from 1 person to 19 people, with the average household being 4.5 members.

In total, 14,264 people received shelter aid after the back-to-back storms.

46.3% of these people were children – 6,605 kids have a new home after theirs was destroyed by the storms.

Of 329 families surveyed, 236 (over 70%) had their homes totally destroyed in the hurricanes, while 93 were partially destroyed and in need of major repairs.

How Was The Aid Used?

A man stands in his newly built tarpaulin structure. He is beside a window with his hand on the ledge.

Families predominately used the shelter aid to protect themselves from the weather.

Of 353 families surveyed, here’s how they used the tarpaulins they received:

131 families used them to repair existing structures. Tarpaulins would primarily be used as walls and roofing.

151 families used the tarpaulins to completely build a new structure. Tarpaulins alone are not enough to build an entire shelter, so these families were supported with corrugated iron sheeting, planks of wood, and other local materials to aid in rebuilding a new home.

39 families used the tarpaulin to extend an existing structure while 27 families used them to create a private space. This is really important for recovery, especially during the pandemic. Extending living spaces, keeping cooking, living, and sleeping areas separate, and creating private spaces are all important to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. It allows families members to isolate if they are feeling unwell, keeps important areas like kitchens and cooking equipment clean and clear, and helps families keep proper hygiene routines.

5 families are worried about future flooding and have saved the tarpaulins for use in the future.

How This Improved Living Conditions

Shelter aid is about more than just surviving a storm. It’s also about recovery. It’s about rebuilding a family’s life and returning to normal.

96% of respondents said their families were able to sleep together in the same place after receiving the shelter items. Being together as a family is so important after destructive events like hurricanes and storms. Your support helps keep families together.

90% of families have an increased level of privacy, which helps families recover more peacefully as a family unit.

99% of people said they were better able to focus on day-to-day household needs since receiving the shelter. This is so important for the recovery process! Being able to cook, take care of yourself and your family, and get back into a regular routine helps life feel normal again.

81% of families said they’ve been able to resume their livelihood activities again, and 75% confirmed that used the tools provided by ShelterBox to help them start earning money again. Homes are not the only things destroyed in storms. Families often lose their livelihoods, their places of work, their tools, their customers, etc. Rebuilding and recovering can be challenging when you have no income. But your support has enabled people to get their livelihoods back and continue providing for their families.

a Honduran woman wearing a medical mask holds her child up

Thank You!

Thanks to your support, families also feel better protected from the rains, strong winds, and overnight temperatures, and many even feel better prepared for any future flooding.

Thank you for supporting ShelterBox and for ensuring families in Honduras are able to rebuild their lives and recovery from the storms.


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