A Night of Terror

When a nearby village was attacked by Boko Haram, 35-year-old Yacoub was forced to flee with his wife and two children from their home in the Lake Chad Basin.

Like most families, Yacoub, with his wife and children, left in a hurry in the middle of the night. They hid in the bushes before they could safely run away.

They killed all the people in the village only ten kilometres from us. We heard screaming and gunfire getting closer, we knew they would start to storm our village.¬†We could not take anything except our children, then we fled in search for a safe place.”

The Journey to Find Safety

They suffered a lot during their walk. They did not have any food, and were very hungry.

At first, they settled in the rooms of a health centre. This is where they stayed for two months before moving into a host home.

We never felt secure, then we stayed in a shed, but we were always at the mercy of bad weather.”

Relief at Last

Yacoub and his family were given a tent provided by ShelterBox. They now feel secure.

For Yacoub and his family, a tent means safety.

Your support means that we can continue to provide relief from conflict and spread hope to communities that are suffering, wherever they are.

Today, thanks to ShelterBox, I live in a tent with my children. We now feel safer and comfortable to be in this tent. Most issues faced when we first arrived are now a distant memory.”