Water is a Human Right

Billions of people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water.

When disasters, including drought, devastate communities, it can be hard to ensure access to clean water. For families surviving disaster, finding safe water is a daily struggle.

Unsafe drinking water can lead to illness and can also spread deadly diseases. After a flooding event Cholera threatens the health of those just trying to survive disaster. Water is a human right, and a persons survival depends on access to clean, safe, drinkable water.

When families are unable to access clean water, water filters enable them to produce safe drinking water.

Water filters can remove viruses, bacteria, and pathogens that can be found within contaminated water, as well as chemicals, heavy metals, and faecal matter. The water filters ShelterBox distributes to families can turn up to 1000 litres of unsafe water into clean, safe, drinkable water.

Families need your help. You can turn contaminated water into a safe drinking source by making a donation today! You can help families survive disaster with the gift of clean water. Water is a Human Right – will you give someone water today?


For just $50 dollars, you can give the gift of 500Litres of clean water to a family recovering from disaster.

Giving the gift of water will reduce the risk of illness caused by bacteria and other pathogens found in dirty water, reduce the spread of waterborne illnesses like Cholera, and help families begin the process of recovery by eliminating the stress of finding drinkable water.

Your gift today will help families recovering from disaster begin to rebuild their lives.

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