Meet our volunteers

We are proud and grateful to have such a talented, passionate and committed group of people as our volunteers.

They generously give us their skills, knowledge and time and are vital members of the ShelterBox family. Meet some of our team and find out why they volunteer.

Meet Jessie

Jessie joined us as a virtual Advocate volunteer in 2021, Jessie works to raise awareness for disaster relief across social media. Here’s what Jessie has to say about volunteering:

Why do you volunteer with ShelterBox Canada: I volunteer with ShelterBox Canada because of the inspiring work that they do. Every kind act ShelterBox does all circles back to the main message of: “everyone deserves shelter and a place to call home”. In my life, I have mainly focused my volunteer efforts locally, and though it has been extremely rewarding, I have always wanted to do something bigger. ShelterBox Canada helps people globally and the fact that I am able to support such an amazing organization makes me feel extremely proud.

Do you have a favourite volunteer memory that you would like to share: While I haven’t been volunteering for ShelterBox for long, i do have a favourite memory. My favourite memory is telling my family about my new volunteer role at ShelterBox Canada and seeing them so interested and attentive to the cause and organization. It was a great feeling to know that more people are recognizing the work of ShelterBox.

Meet Caitlin

Caitlin is an Ambassador and Office Assistant in Toronto, ON. You can always find Caitlin volunteering at community events in summer, or providing support in our national office.

What inspires you to volunteer: The ability to be able to help people across the world through volunteering within your local area.

What has been the most surprising thing about volunteering with ShelterBox Canada: The speed in which Shelterbox Canada reacts to disasters and conflicts, ensuring the aid gets out to the communities as soon as possible.

Do you have a favourite volunteer memory: The memory that sticks out most during my time volunteering, was at Oakville Ribfest. This one young girl came running over to the tent to ask what it was all about, and was genuinely interested in Shelterbox Canada, and what we do.

Meet Dave

Dave has been a ShelterBox Response Team Member and Ambassador for over 10 years. Dave has responded all over the world to provide shelter to families after disaster, while also tirelessly fundraising for ShelterBox in his home town of Kingston, ON. We asked Dave why he volunteers for ShelterBox:

I originally got involved as a Rotarian helping to raise funds and awareness for ShelterBox to carry on its mission.  In 2007 I had an opportunity to apply for and be trained as a response team member and I jumped at the chance. After completing the selection and training process, I’ve had the opportunity to deploy to areas hit by earthquakes, typhoons, landslides and conflicts. 

When you are able to hand-deliver shelter to families who have lost their homes, loved-ones and livelihood, you know you are helping those families with tangible aid on their journey to recovery.  The look of relief on a mother’s face when she gets to move her children into a tent or a father’s look of determination to repair his family’s home when provided a ShelterKit is priceless. 

I plan to continue to deploy to regions in need and continue to work with Rotarians to raise money and awareness in our communities so we are ready to help when disaster strikes.


Meet Christine

Christine is an Advocate volunteer in Ontario. Christine spreads our message across social media and when speaking to people. We asked Christine what she enjoys about volunteering. 

What inspires you to volunteer: Reading the stories and getting to see the faces of ShelterBox and shelter kit recipients and seeing and hearing how Shelterbox Canada has changed their lives.

What has been the most surprising thing about volunteering with ShelterBox Canada: Just how easy it is to reach out at any time if I ever have any questions about anything at all or just need some extra support. Despite the fact that I do most of my volunteering from home, I never feel alone.

Do you have a favourite volunteer memory: The warm welcome I received from Shelterbox Canada when I first signed up to volunteer, and continue to receive every time I check-in or submit an activity report   

Meet Stephen

Stephen is a Rotary Club Champion in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is also the guardian of the ShelterBox display tent for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. We asked Stephen we he volunteers with ShelterBox and this is what he said:

I have had the privilege of working and living in many parts of the world where natural disasters occur routinely and I have seen the need for help and support required from others. And being a Rotarian, volunteering with ShelterBox provides me with a great opportunity to provide some of that help and support that is required.

Meet Prakash

We first met Prakash in 2015 after the Nepal earthquakes. Prakash volunteered with our Response Teams to provide emergency shelter to families who had lost their homes. Prakash recently moved to Canada, and reached out to our team to continue volunteering with ShelterBox Canada!

I was so fortunate to help the team of ShelterBox back in 2015 aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal as a volunteer. During that time, I realized the value of shelter rather than anything. I was so proud to help ShelterBox team who distributed about 900 shelter kits. Now, I am in Canada. I am officially a ShelterBox Canada Volunteer. I am committed to being instrumental in collecting funds, raising awareness, spreading our success story and connecting people. Together, we can achieve our mission.

ShelterBox Translator and Rotoract member, Prakash Koirala

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers are very special people to ShelterBox Canada. They engage and activate across every level – fundraising, awareness and action. They share their passion for ShelterBox within communities across Canada and help to ensure that no family is without shelter. Every year we recognize our volunteers amazing achievements with our volunteer awards.

Our Award Receipients

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