As a ShelterBox Canada Changemaker, you will help us raise funds to help us in our mission to see no family without shelter when disaster strikes. We are looking for people who will participate in our campaigns as well as host their own fundraising events such as participating in sponsored sports events, craft sales, hosting a ShelterBox themed party, and much more.





‘It’s an incredible feeling to be able reach out and help people on the other side of the world in what is quite possibly the worst moment of their lives. That’s why I support ShelterBox.’

Pam Furnish, ShelterBox volunteer


As a Changemaker you will:

At least twice a year coordinate a ShelterBox fundraiser of your choosing:

  • Donate a special occasion to ShelterBox (ex. birthday, Christmas, anniversary, etc.
  • Host a Shine for ShelterBox event
  • Go Off-the-Grid
  • Host your own fundraising events

Activate in times of disaster – when major disasters strike, families need our help more than ever. During this time we need the support of our volunteers to share important updates about our current response. We need your support to share these urgent updates with your network and help us to raise funds and awareness while the disaster is in the media spotlight

How to Apply

The process to become a Changemaker starts with completing an application form. Upon receiving your application, you will be contacted by our Volunteer Program Coordinator.

Our staff team is here to help you be successful. We will provide you the resources you need and connect you with successful team members to help you along the way.

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