Volunteer Training Video

Thank you for applying to join our volunteer team! One of the first steps is to complete the following volunteer training video. This training video is meant to provide you with some information to get you started. Once you have completed the video please take a few moments and complete the following quick quiz!

You can also download the PowerPoint presentation of the training if you would prefer to go through the training at your own pace. To listen to the audio on the PowerPoint, please click on the speaker icon on the top right corner of each slide. Click here to download the PowerPoint. 


Volunteer Checklist

Things to do in your first three months volunteering with ShelterBox Canada

Finished the video?

Please take a few minutes and complete this quick quiz so we know if there is any information that was missed!

Welcome to your Volunteer Training Quiz

Now that you know a little more about ShelterBox, please type in your ShelterBox Elevator pitch (how you would explain ShelterBox to a stranger or friend if you only had a few moments)
At ShelterBox, we view shelter as a...
How many families receive shelter after diaster?
What are the main things that are important to us at ShelterBox?
How many people have we helped since our inception in 2000?
How are we funded? Do we accept disaster specific donations?
What are two items in the ShelterKit?
What is your favourite aid item that we mentioned and why?
What is the difference between a ShelterBox and a ShelterKit?
Tell us about the most interesting thing you learned in this session!?
Do you have any comments, feedback or questions?