NO Family Without Shelter

In the last few months, extreme weather has left thousands of families without shelter.

From devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean to the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh, families have been forced into a life and death struggle against the elements.

When natural disasters and conflicts rob people of their homes, we can’t wave a magic wand to replace what was lost, but we can help create something new. We can provide people with the tools to start the process of their own recovery.

This winter, your support can provide shelter that protects families from the bitter cold. Shelter is more than just a roof – it’s a home. It creates a space where families can have privacy from the rest of the world, where they can feel safety and security in being together.

Your support is amazing. Your support turns simple items like tents and tarpaulin into the tools that transform lives.

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We go to the ragged ends of the earth to reach the most remote communities that have been devastated by disaster.