Grace's Story

The rain didn't stop for seven days before the water came rushing through at night

41-year-old Grace is a widow and a mother of six children from the Chikwawa region of Malawi.

Before Cyclone Idai hit southeast Africa, communities were faced with non-stop rain day and night. Riverbeds slowly and relentlessly overflowed into villages. After the Cyclone hit, the heavy rain caused river banks to burst and flash floods ripped through villages.

Grace lost her house and everything she owned when fast-flowing water swamped her village.

“It was dark, and I had to rescue the children, we had to run to the higher shelters.”

When the water came, I was panicking because the water was running fast and I had nothing, I lost everything.”


Grace fled with her six children and said they even had to climb trees to run away from the water. Her youngest, Miracle, was on her back the whole time. She told us she wasn’t just fearful of the flooding but was also scared for her life and her children’s lives as they fled, due to the crocodiles in the water.

Grace is staying on higher ground not far from the ruins of her home, which is completely bogged down in mud now.

As a single mother Grace is worried for her children. They are staying in a makeshift shelter made of plastic, grass, and branches. It is not very strong and has already begun to tear.

“I am a widow, and this is a very hard time for me. I have nothing, I am feeling like I am losing hope, I have no strength…”

Many families like Grace’s across Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe have fled from their homes with nothing left to return to. ShelterBox is working hard to help these families with shelter, and other aid.

If I can get a stronger house I will know where to start from, at least that will be safer for the children.”


Families in Malawai, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe need your help to recover from this devastating storm. By donating today you can help families all around the world recover faster and get back to normal quicker.

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