Lives Shattered in Lombok

Rebuilding a life after losing everything

Suffering extreme loss

40-year-old Danny lived with his wife and four children in Lombok, Indonesia. Danny ran a Laundrette business that supported him and his family.

When the 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit Lombok on August 5th, 2018, Danny’s wife lost her life and his family lost everything. Their home was destroyed and they had nowhere to live, and Ahmad was left to look after his four children on his own.

Danny’s Laundrette was also damaged which resulted in the loss of the washing machines he used for his business.

Starting to rebuild

The family had nowhere to live after the earthquake. They used a small camping tent as their home until Rotary Lombok was able to provide a much larger ShelterBox family tent for them to live in.

Danny and his children live in the tent together, and he says he is happy that they are still with him.

He told us that he also received blankets, mosquito nets, and other aid items with the tent. He said these items have all been invaluable in helping the family to meet their basic needs.

Your support means everything

Danny said that he was very grateful that the help he received means he and his family now feel safe again. We wish him all the very best.

This is your support in action. Without you, we would be unable to provide the life-changing aid to vulnerable families all over the world. Without you, we would be unable to help those whose lives have been devastated by disaster and conflict.

I sometimes find it very hard to undergo this, but I try to work it out