Ali's Story

The long road to recovery

Escaping Boko Haram

Ali is a 79-year-old father from Niger, who now lives in a refugee camp in Kiskawa, Chad near to the Niger border.

Like everyone else in his village, Ali and his family fled because of Boko Haram violence.

While recounting that horrific night to a volunteer Ali described the mayhem and also disclosed that he tragically lost two of his children.

When Boko Haram invaded, firing their guns in all directions, I counted 18 dead bodies around me.’

Long Road to Ahead

After Ali and his remaining family members escaped the violence, he knew they had to leave their home and all their possessions immediately.

However, the journey ahead would be treacherous and his family would continue to suffer.

We walked in the water [rain] for several days, we suffered so much. We went five days without drinking water, without food. Then we reached the Chadian islands. There we were picked up by soldiers and taken to safety.’

Delivering Hope

Before Ali’s village was attacked, he farmed to support his family but now he is no longer able to provide for them.

Now, with thanks to the support of our wonderful donors, Ali was given ShelterBox aid items which included kitchen sets, blankets, and water carriers.

Ali was very grateful for all of the items his family received.

‘I am comforted by your generosity helping elderly people like me. Everything that I received will be of great use. It makes us forget the bad memories and the situation in our village when we left.’

Helping Vulnerable Families

We’re currently on the ground in the Lake Chad Basin and throughout the world delivering life-saving to help families like Ali’s – but we’re desperate to do more.

Your donation today will help us reach more suffering families so they can recover and rebuild from conflict and disaster.