Get together to brighten lives

Last year, around 85 million people around the world were made homeless by natural disaster and conflict. ShelterBox believes we can come together to change this.

When disasters strike and power lines go down, families are left vulnerable, wrenched away from comfort and light. This is why every ShelterBox we pack includes two LuminAID solar lights that bring light and immediate safety to those who have lost everything.

Learn more about the LuminAID solar lights that deploy – purchase a Shine Toolkit and receive a LuminAID solar light of your own!

Host a Shine for ShelterBox dinner where each guest makes a donation to ensure no family is left without shelter.

Join communities all over the country this fall to get together to brighten lives by hosting a fundraising candlelit dinner for friends and family. As you dine, you will be raising money to provide emergency shelter for families who need it most. You can make it a cozy dinner at home with family and friends or bring your neighbourhood together at a local venue.



It's easy to get started
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Get started by creating your host fundraising page, where your guests can donate. From there, you can set your dinner date and specify your fundraising goal!


Rally your friends
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Hosting a Shine for ShelterBox is about bringing together your friends and community to shine the light on disaster relief and help ensure no family is left without shelter. Invite your friends to attend your dinner and ask them to donate to your goal on your page or in person at your dinner.


Take the work out of hosting
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Set the tone for your dinner with the Shine Toolkit, which contains invitations, recipe ideas, place cards and stories all designed to educate and inspire your guests. 


A reason to get together
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You've planned a dinner party and rallied your friends to shine the light on disaster relief. Now it's time to celebrate your impact and encourage your guests to host their own Shine for ShelterBox dinner. Don't forget to share photos and updates with #ShineForShelterBox

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Why Shine?

Hannah Pengelly raised more than $300 at her Shine for ShelterBox dinner

Hannah hosted three Shine for ShelterBox dinners last year to support families after a disaster. She invited friends and neighbours to her home and shared her passion for supporting ShelterBox all while bringing together her community over a good cause and a great meal.

It was lovely to be chatting and relaxing with my neighbours. When I saw that people had actually donated money I was touched. That feeling of satisfaction was great – I’ve actually done something worthwhile.

Help people like Sarita and her family

Sarita, her husband Avendale and their daughter Abigail were at home in Woodford Hills, Dominica, when Hurricane Maria hit.

Thankfully their house was safe through the storm and it soon became a home for neighbours who needed shelter or had lost everything. Sarita would cook for families while Avendale, a contractor by trade, helped families begin to repair their roofs.

When I cooked after the storm, I would cook a little extra and say come by me!

The aid ShelterBox provided allowed Sarita and her family to make their roof water tight and gain space and privacy to share time and a meal as a family and community.