Our Top Tips for hosting a beautiful candlelit feast

Getting together for a cozy candlelit feast is the perfect excuse to catch up with family and friends this winter, and you’ll be helping to brighten lives and bring protection to families all over the world at the same time.

1. Be prepared

Decide on a date that suits you and choose a location for your dinner. Whether it’s in your dining room, or at a restaurant you love, the most important element is that friends come together over a meal. Let people know using the invitations available for download below.

2. Have fun 

In addition to enjoying the great company and wonderful food, think about what you could do to add a bit of fun to your dinner. We have created conversation cards to help your event get started.

3. Set the scene

Create the right atmosphere for your heartwarming dinner with low lights, candles, and just a little sparkle. Use our downloadable place settings and ShelterBox story cards to finish off your table decor. We also created a script you can share to set the tone.

4. Plan your menu 

Think about what you can cook for friends and family before the day of the event. Check out the beautiful recipes in our Shine for ShelterBox Magazine from Chefs that are guaranteed to wow your guests.

5. Give generously 

By donating your time and food to host a dinner you’re helping to provide emergency light, shelter and other vital supplies to save lives. Through our Shine fundraising webpages or through a personal gift the night of, your guests can make a difference for those devastated by disaster. Every penny we raise counts and we’re very grateful for your support.