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Celebrating International Women's Day

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SHE is strong. she is resilient. she is remarkable.

SHE is every woman displaced by disaster or conflict, and today, she needs your help.

In times of crisis, women are disproportionately affected by higher death rates, increased gender-based violence, economic loss, and loss of education. However, women are pivotal in household and community recovery – they are often the first responders to a crisis, and play a central role in the survival and resilience of families and communities.

Join us, stand with her, and help empower women around the world.





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We can break down barriers, together

Women and children account for more than 75% of refugees and displaced persons globally.

Maysa and her family were forced to flee their home due to conflict and are now living in a refugee camp.

Maysa provides for her family by running a shoe shop in the camp, and will use the money to prepare her family for a tough and cold winter.

“I am proud and feel somewhat satisfied that we no longer need to receive aid, that I can support my family even if by support I mean survive.”

Together, we can provide women with essential supplies and training to enable them to rebuild their lives and their communities. Together, we can break down barriers and empower women around the world.



After a tsunami washed away her home and her business, Fatnizar lost everything. But ShelterBox aid helped her rebuild.


A widow at just 18, Yazida is happy to be alive. But after leaving her home in Myanmar she feels very helpless and vulnerable.


Ana’s home was one of the 20,000 destroyed in Mozambique by Cyclone Dineo. But receiving ShelterBox aid gave her renewed strength.


When Stella’s mother Gift had her ShelterBox aid stolen, Stella and her five children took welcomed her into their own home.


After attacks on their village, Zara feared for her life and the lives of her eight children. She had a difficult decision to make.


A huayco washed away her home, her crops, and her chickens, but that didn’t stop Julia from rebuilding thanks to her ShelterBox aid.

How Do We Support Women In Crisis

At ShelterBox, we prioritize the most vulnerable families and communities and empower them to rebuild and restart.

By providing women and families with immediate emergency aid, we can help them recover faster. Rebuilding their homes, caring for their families, resuming their livelihoods. Together, we can help families return to normal by providing women with the tools and training they need. Together we can empower women after disaster.

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