Polar Bear Plunge


Polar plunging to spark conversations about disaster relief

Inspired by other ShelterBox volunteers, Meg (pronouns: they/them, she/her) took to the waters of Lake Ontario to find adventure every weekend. What started as a way to shock their system and reap the mental health benefits of a cold-water plunge morphed into a broader conversation about well-being and how ShelterBox contributes to the physical and mental recovery of people post-disaster.

“Shelter security is suicide prevention, food security is suicide prevention, water security is suicide prevention. Having basic needs met is fundamental if we’re aiming to build a healthy global population.”

Every Sunday, Meg and any friends who are brave enough, plunge into Lake Ontario off of Balmy Beach in Toronto. They talk about different conflicts and disasters happening around the world and often those passing by will ask what they’re doing, which helps to spread the word about ShelterBox’s vital aid.

“The challenge here, to last 5-10 minutes in freezing cold water, pales in comparison to the realities refugees and internally displaced people face during and after disaster or conflict. I see this as an opportunity to encourage people to take care of themselves while helping to take care of others by raising funds for ShelterBox.”

Interested in joining Meg on Sundays? Email them at [email protected] or DM them on Instagram @megginstuffhappen to get involved!

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