Globally, only 1 in 5 families receives the aid they need to recover after disaster

You can be a part of history and help change this.

Cyclones, droughts, hurricanes, and earthquakes have the power to destroy homes, wash away belongings, and cause families to lose their livelihoods. Conflict forces families to flee violence leaving them homeless and with few possessions to their name.

After disaster families are left vulnerable, and with no shelter, no clean water, no privacy, it is difficult for families and communities to recover from the damage.

Become a Pillar of Recovery today and you can change this. 

Recovery starts with Shelter. By becoming a monthly donor you’ll be reliably providing families with the essential supports they need to rebuild and recover.

Become a Pillar of Recovery today


/ˈpilər/ noun
1. a tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or metal, used as a support for a building
2. a person regarded as reliably providing essential support

I like knowing that I can help people almost every time something happens around the world.”

– John Dawes, Monthly Donor since 2012

The support provided by ShelterBox shines a light of hope during people’s darkest time, when having the necessities of life can make all the difference.”

-Mark Hauck, Monthly Donor since 2017

Deliver Aid All Year Long

The Pillars of Recovery is made up of individuals like you that are passionate, dedicated, and impatient to see a world where no one is left without shelter after disaster.

Disasters are unpredictable and can happen at any time. By becoming a monthly donor, you allow ShelterBox Response Teams to act faster when the unthinkable happens.

Together, Pillars of Recovery are unstoppable.

Because of you, families will receive aid faster. Because of you, families can begin to recover sooner. And because of you, we can see a world where no one is left without shelter after disaster.

Be a Pillar of Recovery today and change lives around the world.

"The kit I was given fills me with joy"

To set up your monthly donation, please call us at 647-352-1930

Thank you

Together we are changing lives. Your monthly contribution will ensure families left homeless after disaster receive the tools they need to rebuild and recover. All members will receive recognition on our website and annual report, and a special gift to show our appreciation.

Thank you