Earthquake Shakes The Philippines

ShelterBox is standing by to respond after devastating tremor

Rolling Blackouts

In the early morning on Thursday July 6, a seismic tremor hit the country. The epicentre of the quake was 3km north-east of Masarayao on the mountainous island of Leyte.

ShelterBox was ready and has operations staff in the country working right now to assist communities in need.

ShelterBox staff member Dave Ray was on a neighbouring island in Cebu, when the 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck.

Buildings rumbled as power cut out causing rolling blackouts and communications lines to fall silent across the island chain.

Even across the water on a different island, Dave was shaken by the quake as people poured out of buildings and into the streets.

Since the earthquake struck this morning, I’ve already been in contact with the Philippines Red Cross and local Rotary clubs to discuss ways for ShelterBox to assist.

Dave Ray, Operations Coordinator

On The Ground

Dave Ray was on the 8th floor of a building when the earthquake hit the Philippines.

Hear his report from the city of Cebu, only 75 miles away from the epicentre, and how he was already preparing our response just 20 minutes after the shockwave.

We’re in constant touch with Dave, as search and rescue teams try to save lives and assess the extent of the damage.

Experts In Shelter

Over the years, ShelterBox has developed significant expertise in working in the Philippines and understand acutely the local challenges.

We already have aid positioned locally, as well great local contacts including Rotary groups who stand ready to assist.

ShelterBox has provided emergency shelter aid in the Philippines more than 20 times before. This includes responding following the tremendous devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and most recently following Typhoon Melor in 2016.

We are very well placed to help, should we be needed.

We Never Stop

Every single day, communities like those in the Philippines need shelter after disasters strike.

By supporting us with a regular gift you are helping us to reach the most vulnerable families in need of shelter. Not the just the lives devastated by high-profile disasters, but those that never hit the headlines.

We’re always on the ground, working towards a day where no family is without shelter. Will you help us get there faster?

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