What We Know

On February 26 2018 a 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked Papua New Guinea.

It’s estimated that at least 145 people have died and half a million people have been affected.

A series of aftershocks have been felt since, over 10 of these have been measured at 6 magnitude or above.

The aftershocks have caused panic among communities, leading many to sleep out in the open.

These families are in remote mountain locations, their villages and communities have been devastated, and the emergency shelter need is high.



On the Ground

ShelterBox has sent an assessment team comprising Ops staff, two ShelterBox Response Team volunteers from UK and US.

We are working with the Papua New Guinea Disaster Management Team, the Shelter Cluster and partners on the ground to make sure we can give families the right aid to help them rebuild their lives.

ShelterBox has vital aid, including tarpaulins, ropes and mosquito nets, stationed in Subang, Malaysia.

On arrival in the capital Port Moresby our teams will first assess need, and the challenges of reaching the most vulnerable.

Please watch this space for further updates.

How you can help

Even if your local news isn’t covering it, natural disasters and conflicts are happening right now.

They are relentless, unscripted and they are tearing families apart.

You can help innocent families by sending life-saving shelter aid today.

Your donation will help families recover and rebuild their lives. Please send your gift now.