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The heartache continues after the fall of Mosul

The Nightmare Continues

The city of Mosul, Iraq has been finally liberated after three years in the grip of Islamic State. While forces have celebrated the fall of this Islamic State stronghold, for many regular people the nightmare goes on.

Years of tyrannical rule has left communities in tatters, while missiles and mortars have left the city in ruins. Families have lost sons, fathers, brothers and husbands, while homes have been destroyed.

For many, the only option has been to escape. Around 1 million people are thought to have left Mosul since the battle to reclaim the city started.

The decision to flee is a brutal one. Between the horrors of Islamic State rule and the country’s borders lie miles of desert, harsh storms and bitterly cold nights.

We need your support

This is why we are working tirelessly to provide shelter to people who have had to leave their homes behind.

As the humanitarian crisis continues, so does our work. Through the scorching heat of summer and the desolate winters, we will continue working in Iraq for as long as it takes. We have the materials to create shade from the sun and shelter from the wind, along with blankets and groundsheets to make the long, cold nights comfortable.

But we can’t do it on our own. We need your support.

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Will you help us provide shelter for families who have experienced unimaginable suffering?

How will your donation help?

With your support, we can provide safe, warm shelter for people like little Jyan and her family. They received a ShelterKit tailored to their exact needs, so that they could strengthen their shelter to withstand the harsh extremes of the Iraqi climate.

It’s not easy reaching the most vulnerable people caught up in this brutal conflict, but we do it with the help of brave people who live and work in the country.

Read the eyewitness account of Marwa, a young woman from Mosul. After living under Islamic State rule, and seeing its cruelty first-hand, she decided to become an aid worker. She now helps to deliver ShelterBox aid to families who have fled the conflict – often with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

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Two-year-old Jyan and her family left their home when she was just a baby. Their new home has been strengthened with the help of a ShelterKit.

On The ground, Responding Now

We have been working in Iraq since 2012, supporting people fleeing from conflict both in Iraq and across the border in Syria.

We’re working in the country right now. Helping families who need our help today, along with those who will need it tomorrow.

ShelterBox Response Team member Rachel Harvey reports from Seje in Northern Iraq on our work with fellow aid agency ACTED to make unfinished houses weatherproof for families on the run from Islamic State.