ShelterBox is sending a team to Italy following a 6.2 magnitude earthquake southeast of Perugia. 

A severe earthquake struck at 1:36 am GMT southeast of the Italian city of Perugia last night, killing at least 120, with an unknown number trapped beneath rubble in several villages. This was a shallow quake in a mountainous area, with tremors felt as far away as Rome.

International disaster relief agency ShelterBox, based in the UK but with an affiliate organization in Milan, is sending a team within 24 hours to the remote mountainous area of Italy that suffered a major quake and a series of tremors last night. The epicentre was at Norcia, approximately 170 kilometres northeast of Rome, and the quake had a relatively shallow depth of 10 kilometres.

ShelterBox Operations Coordinator Phil Duloy is heading up initial assessment work, and is now making contact with local and government officials in Italy, with ShelterBox’s Rotary and affiliate colleagues, and with partner disaster relief organizations including the Red Cross.

If emergency or temporary shelter is needed for families and individuals made homeless in the disaster, ShelterBox has adequate supplies of tents and other equipment standing by in the UK and at other sites across Europe.

In recent years ShelterBox has deployed to Italian earthquakes twice. In 2012 it supplied 132 tents following a 6.0 quake, and in 2009 in Abruzzo when over 300 people died in a 6.3 quake the charity deployed 294 ShelterBoxes.

Dogs scour the rubble (Photo courtesy of Reuters)

Epicentre of the earthquake (Photo courtesy of USGS)