International disaster relief agency ShelterBox is in Peru in partnership with the world’s largest children’s charity World Vision. Moved by the work being done to help local people recover from devastating flooding, one World Vision partner has thanked ShelterBox in an emotional note.

ShelterBox has teamed up with international children’s charity World Vision to distribute 1,000 ShelterKits to make life easier for survivors of record floods. Incessant, heavy rains since January caused flooding and landslides that killed 113 and demolished 115,000 homes.

The UN fears that millions may be at risk of waterborne diseases, so the ShelterBox aid being used in Peru includes mosquito nets and fresh water carriers.

Distribution is well underway from Trujillo, Peru’s second largest city with a million people. There are areas of extreme poverty on the outskirts that were hard hit by the flooding. Among the team from World Vision working here with ShelterBox volunteers is Lourdes Rodríguez Vásquez.

In an unprompted and heartfelt note, after arduous days packing and stacking kits into ShelterBox’s distinctive green boxes, Lourdes offered these words of appreciation. She had been working with ShelterBox response volunteer Liz Odell in the home of local man Benigno Rodriguez, and had found her time there particularly emotional, later writing:

‘I want to say ‘Thank you’, thanks for bringing us a ray of hope after this disaster, thanks for helping the Peruvian people, thanks for putting on a brave face and getting on with it, for your patience to me when I cried in Benigno´s house in Milagro. Excuse me, I try to be strong because my job is to give hope and strength to people like him, but tears overcome me because I was (brought up by) my grandfather, a modest person like him.’

Thank you, because the world is a better place for people like you, (names ShelterBox team members), you make it possible. Now, I am able to believe in a better world, with the same social problems of today – poverty, discrimination, injustice – but with a big difference, there are people who are helping others.

‘I am Christian, and I believe miracles are extraordinary things that ordinary people do. I believe in it.’

ShelterBox aid delivery relies on hundreds of highly-trained volunteers giving freely of their time and talent to place shelter aid directly into the hands of families affected by natural disasters and conflict.

Thousands more support the work of ShelterBox as speakers, fundraisers and at events. To learn more about volunteering for ShelterBox Canada go to


  • The photos above are free to use in the context of this press release. Images show Lourdes Rodríguez Vásquez, Benigno Rodriguez, Liz Odell; Liz Odell with a structure made from a ShelterKit like those being distributed in Peru, and World Vision and local Rotarians stacking ShelterBox ‘Totem’ boxes in Trujillo
  • More information about World Vision here
  • There are now almost 85 million people around the world forced from their homes due to natural disasters or conflict, the greatest number ever before in human history. ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity, and a world authority on providing innovative, rapid and practical shelter to families in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places and most devastated disaster zones. Since its start in 2000 it’s helped more than one million people worldwide rebuild their lives, and ShelterBox Canada is part of the affiliate operations across Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia.