International disaster relief agency ShelterBox is on standby to respond to damage and displacement caused by Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic tropical storm in a decade. ShelterBox has experts available for interview now and over the coming days.

ShelterBox, the international disaster relief agency specializing in emergency shelter after natural disasters, is in touch with its USA affiliate office in Florida and USA-based ShelterBox Response Team members.

We are in touch with contacts and partners across the Caribbean, as Hurricane Irma threatens several countries.

Experts in storm and flooding response worldwide, ShelterBox teams are heading to Bangladesh where 8 million are affected, and are in Nepal now where 1.7 million are in peril. We have also been in Texas offering assistance following Hurricane Harvey.

Additional Information

  • Irma is a category five hurricane, the highest possible level, with sustained wind speeds reaching 300km/h (185mph).
  • Communities in Barbuda and the Leeward islands have already been hit, and Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba and Florida are all in the potential path of this ferocious storm. As well as being home to communities who are particularly vulnerable to these storms, many of these countries are also holiday destinations with high numbers of tourists from across the world.
  • ShelterBox has worked in Haiti many times, including after the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. We have reliable contacts, partners, and Rotary connections on the island who are poised to help.
  • We deployed to Cuba after hurricane damage in 2008, and as with Haiti, we have reliable contacts who are well placed to help if we are needed.

Notes To Editor

  • The banner image is a satellite image of Hurricane Irma, credit to NOAA. The image above is ShelterBox aid being distributed in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew, credit to ShelterBox.
  • We can offer expert interviews on our response, contact [email protected] or call the ShelterBox Canada National Office at 647-352-1930