They have been on one of the most terrifying journeys, unaware that the world was watching. Now, thousands of the children of Aleppo have reached relative safety and have been given warm clothing from disaster relief charity ShelterBox and its partners.

At one point these are the photos we thought we’d never see. Thousands of Aleppo families bussed out of the world’s most war-ravaged city to be greeted at displacement camps, and given clothing and other aid that has waited at a tantalizing distance for months.

These images just received at ShelterBox’s Cornwall HQ show aid workers from in-country partner, London-based Hand in Hand for Syria, greeting the most vulnerable of the exodus from Aleppo. The aid shown is hats and scarves – essential as it has started to snow in the region – and other non-food items supplied by ShelterBox. It is part of an ongoing program to help families displaced by the Syrian civil war.

ShelterBox Operations Co-ordinator Sam Hewett says, “The fighting in and around Aleppo that has been broadcast in recent weeks is indicative of the intolerable position that people throughout Syria are forced to endure.

“Due to the support of our generous donors, ShelterBox has been able to support people as they are evacuated from the city with items such as clothing and bedding, to shelter them from the cold winter conditions. This would not be possible without the presence of our partner organizations, whose staff share the same fatal risks as the people they are trying to help.”

Hand in Hand for Syria’s team are reported to have all escaped Aleppo over the weekend, and the last New Zealand-based ReliefAid’s team of 40 Aleppo residents has just been reported safely evacuated.

The actual locations of this latest aid distribution are being withheld for security reasons.


  • These photos are free to use in the context of this press release. Please credit © Hand in Hand for Syria.
  • ShelterBox partner’s websites: Hand in Hand for Syria, ReliefAid