Giving Made Easy - ShelterBox Canada and Goodpin

February 9, 2016

ShelterBox Canada is thrilled to partner with Goodpin as our Winter Appeal Campaign continues. We are excited to introduce a new way to easily give to families who are in need around the world this winter.

About Goodpin

Goodpin is a Calgary-based fundraising platform focused on helping people make a difference in their world through giving and social media. Their goal is to make it fun, easy and rewarding to give to the causes you are passionate about and to share that passion and activity within social networks. Goodpin helps to create greater awareness for causes and encourages you to inspire your friends to participate as well.

The Goodpin app gives you a steady stream of content that is relevant to you. Goodpin learns what you are passionate about, what your friends are passionate about and what is going on physically around you. The content includes inspiring stories, information on fundraising events near you or events your friends are attending, posts by your network and brand financial giveaways for charity.

Screenshots of the Goodpin Mobile app


ShelterBox Canada and Goodpin

At ShelterBox Canada, we continue to find new ways to raise awareness of our fundraising campaigns. Goodpin is user-friendly platform for our donors to use to show their support for the organization by directly contributing to the campaign, or by sharing the campaign on social media to their friends and family.

ShelterBox Canada currently has a Winter Appeal Campaign on Goodpin, which aims to provide light, safety, security and hope to families in need after a disaster. If you contribute to the campaign through Goodpin, all donations of $20 or more will be eligible for a charitable tax receipt. Goodpin does not take any percentage of the donation; rather they request a small percentage tip to the community on top of their intended donation which helps Goodpin cover their costs. The tip is completely adjustable by the user. All donations are processed in Canadian dollars.

Screenshot of Goodpin Mobile App – Making a donation to ShelterBox Canada

To learn more about Goodpin, please visit their website. To support and raise awareness of the ShelterBox Canada Winter Appeal Campaign, visit our campaign page on Goodpin and share your support to your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.