Life After Cyclone Idai: In Pictures

Families who’ve seen their homes swept away are showing great resilience and strength. Almost 2000 families have received aid thanks to all of our amazing supporters.

We’ve visited several villages and camps within the Chikwawa district in southern Malawi. One of the villages was completely swamped by the flooding with homes flattened and buried in mud, forcing the whole community to abandon it.

The flooding has also devastated livelihoods. Most people were making a living through farming, but all of their crops have been destroyed.

Families have been given ShelterKits, water filters, mosquito nets, blankets, and solar lights. The kits will help families make their homes structures significantly stronger, more secure, and provide increased protection from the weather.

Learning from Families

Mick is here to tell you a little bit more about what happens after aid is distributed.

At ShelterBox, it’s important that we are always learning from the families we’ve delivered your aid to. This helps us deliver your life-saving support faster and more effectively

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