Shelter Saves Lives

Will you give the gift of shelter this holiday?

Shelter Saves Lives

Shelter saves lives. And families around the world need your help this holiday.

Last year over 104 million people were forced from their homes either by conflict and violence, or extreme weather events and disasters. This is the highest number of displacement ever recorded in one year.

Seeing the number of families that need support can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to see how you can make a difference, how just one person can change lives. But your support makes a big impact on families in urgent need of shelter.

Shelter saves lives, and your support of ShelterBox Canada ensures one more family has a place to call home. A place to recover from disaster, a place safe from the rain and the heat, safe from animals in the night, a private place to be together with their family.

Whether it’s mosquito nets, solar lights, or a shelter kit, every piece of aid you provide works together to kick start recovery. It is life changing for the families who need it most.

Donate Now to Save Lives


This holiday you can save lives with the gift of shelter. Whether is a solar light, tools to rebuild, a new kitchen set, or a whole new shelter, your gift this holiday can change lives.

Families affected by disaster and conflict this year have been hit twice, once by disaster, and again by the complications of coronavirus. By purchasing a global gift you an help these families recover from disaster and keep them safe from the spread of coronavirus.

Giving a global gift this holiday is easy! Simply check out the catalogue, select your gift! you’ll spread twice the joy!