Hopes and dreams washed away

Millions affected as weather patterns spiral out of control

Punishing the most vulnerable

Across the globe, in countries as far away as Nepal and Bangladesh, seasonal rains have transformed into torrents of floodwater – deluging the most vulnerable communities.

Lives have been lost. Family homes, even whole villages, have been washed away. We’re fighting against the elements to provide shelter and restore hope to families struck by flooding all over the world.


Homes submerged in Nepal

In Nepal, the monsoon rains have been intensified by climate changes, causing flooding and landslides across a massive area on the Indian border.

Roads have been washed out across the area, making many areas inaccessible. However, police reports suggest that more than 48,000 homes are still submerged under the flood waters.

Who knows what will be left when it subsides?

The situation in Bangladesh

Extreme flooding, part of a massive weather phenomenon that has affected swaths of India, Nepal and Mayanmar, has already displaced eight million people in Bangladesh.

The country has already been hit hard by floods earlier this year, and it is reported that this latest flood comes at the same time as the rice plant season. The flooding could have a devastating impact on the livelihood and food security of communities in the country.

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Help us stay one step ahead of the storm

An Evolving Threat

The misery experienced in Nepal and Bangladesh may soon be seen elsewhere.

These same weather patterns causing flooding and landslides now are due to transform into cyclones and hurricanes in the coming months – battering more communities in their paths.

We can’t stop them. We can’t outrun them. But we can outsmart them.

By preparing for the worst, we can have vital tents, tools, blankets and water filtration systems ready to go in hours. We can even provide the training to create stronger shelters – ones that withstand the next storm – and the next.