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Are you looking to make a transformational gift? Do you have a specific ShelterBox response you are interested in? Making a designated major gift is one way to ensure our responses in countries that do not receive a lot of media attention or interest have the funding to ensure no one is left without shelter.

In addition to our rapid-onset disaster work (floods, earthquakes, storms, etc.), ShelterBox also operates longer-term programs in countries where conflict has created ongoing emergency shelter needs.

As these programs are planned further in advance, we accept large-scale donations from individuals and foundations who wish to fund these projects. If you are looking to make a donation of $20,000 or more and would like to fund a specific project, please get in touch and we would be happy to provide you with a funding proposal.

Making A Greater Impact

When Typhoon Rai devastated the Philippines in December 2021, Antonia and her family were one of the thousands in the path of the super typhoon.

They were able to take shelter at a neighbour’s house to wait out the storm – but when Antonia returned home the next day, there was nothing left. “It was all gone and flown away to a very far place. We did not know where,” Antonia told us.

Thanks to a designated gift and the generosity of our global supporters, ShelterBox was able to provide over 100,000 people in the Philippines with emergency shelter supplies.

Antonia’s family received a shelter kit including tarpaulin, rope, tools, and a solar light.

As soon as we reached home we pulled out all the tools. We were glad because we have hammer, nails, shovel, pick axe… It was very useful.

In the next year, Antonia now hopes for a brighter future. They have repaired their home and now strive to get back to the way they were before the typhoon.

Despite this hardship we are still thankful for the small things and the help we have received. Thank you very much.

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